Lost Items

I am writing this (and assuming my wireless connection holds – posting) from the Amtrak Auto Train. Pretty nice ride with power at the seats. Looking out the windows of the top level of this two layer train I can see a lot of things that most people can’t or at least don’t see.

For example passing through one station I could look down on the top of the cover over the platform. There I saw what looked like a perfectly good hack saw. It is unlikely that many who can get to it will ever see it up there. At least until someone some day climbs up to do some sort of work. I wonder if the person who left it there has any clue at all where it was misplaced.

One sees lot of items along the train tracks that just don’t seem to belong. They look lost. I keep thinking that making up stories about how they got there would be an interesting writing exercise. One of these days I’ll remember a good camera on a train trip and take a lot of pictures of such items. Yeah, sure I will. Sad smile

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