Being a Grown Up

When one is a kid one sort of wants things they shouldn’t have. Like a lot of ice cream. Since you can’t drive and don’t have control of money you can’t get them unless your parent(s) get them. for you. Your parents are adults and have/take responsibility so you get ice cream sometimes but seldom as much as you want.

Eventually you become an adult and have money and can drive. You can make your own decisions. But somehow you don’t have ice cream (for example) every day and twice on Sunday. Why? When and why do you somehow become the responsible “good” decision maker? One of life’s mysteries.

Note that as I write this I am eating vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and Maraschino cherries. I don’t do this often but in a way its nice to know I have the option. That’s part of being an adult to. Right?

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