Everyone is an idiot

It seems like every day I read or hear multiple stories of how different very successful, highly paid individuals are basically idiots. They run their companies wrong. They run their government offices wrong. It seems like everyone in the world is an idiot in someone’s eyes.

The questions abound here. Obviously one has to wonder how such idiots were elected president, Senator or were promoted to CEO or CVP or what ever. What were people thinking when they gave such idiots such responsibility? Is everyone an idiot?

The other question is why are these critics not using their clearly (at least in their own minds) superior intelligence and wisdom to do a better job? I mean really, why be a reporter/blogger when you clearly have the smarts to run a Fortune 50 company or perhaps the US of A? Yes, if you are so smart why aren’t you rich?

Now I’m not saying that all criticism is wrong. Mine is of course right on. Smile But seriously when people act outside of their areas of expertise (Bill Gates on education, Congressmen on just about anything) they are wide open to criticism from people with actual legitimate expertise. And a lot of criticism is hindsight and anyone can appear smart by looking at the results and saying “oh yeah I see it now.” The old “Monday morning quarterback” seems to occur in every field.

So you have to wonder, where were these geniuses before things fell apart? Would they really have made different decisions had they had the opportunity? And if they had would things really have turned out better? Somehow I doubt it. But it is so easy to be critical and so much harder to have to actually make the initial decisions.

I want to hear from people who are doing better. I’m not so interested in people who think they could do better or who have good vision in hindsight. I want to hear from people who have demonstrated that they know what they are doing and who have gotten results.

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  1. Matt says:

    I think part of the problem is the news’s newfound obsession with interviewing entirely unqualified people for a “word on the street” view, perhaps unaware that I can just walk outside and get the “word on the street,” and that I’m really expecting them to interview people who know what they’re talking about.

    I’m getting infuriating political propaganda from both sides. If you’re a politician, fix stuff, and leave the remaining 99% of Americans to sling the mud for you.

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