Pain and Priorities

Normally I don’t think it is a good idea to blog while depressed, angry or in pain. But in pain may be the safest so I’m going to be careful and try it. I have a toothache. A painful one. In fact I am almost looking forward to the start of root canal procedures later this afternoon because it will mean the pain mostly goes away- check this link for more options. I am also planning to go to pain management doctors naples. Since yesterday I have been kept going by Advil – a great product –  but my doctor gave me a prescription for high dose Ibuprofen. It should help with the pain better, faster and without leaving me worried that I am over doing it with too many pills. He also gave me a script for an antibiotic which should help reduce some inflammation.

The pharmacy had a backup and I waited for close to a half hour. Normally I don’t mind. They are busy and everyone is waiting equally. But honestly I was sitting there thinking “shouldn’t people waiting for pain pills get moved up higher on the queue?”

Selfish? I’m not so sure. If I were waiting for something else and they said “you’ll have to wait a few minutes more because we have to fill a pain prescription” I think I’d understand. I think I’d say “do it” without hesitation.

In general it probably doesn’t matter if people wait a few more minutes or an hour extra. If time was that important the doctor would have given samples or sent them to a hospital. That’s true of pain as well but really I think pain relief should be a high priority.

Of course that is me in pain waiting for my Ibuprofen to kick in speaking. What do you think?

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