Signs of the Times

I’ve been spending some time working from my “East Hampton office.” That is to say that I brought my Dad down to his place in East Hampton Village and I am working from the guest room upstairs. At the end of the work day I generally take a walk. Our place is just off Newtown Lane and down from Main Street. These are the two big (relatively speaking) shopping streets and I like to look in the stores. And at the people – East Hampton in the summer is outstanding for people watching. But that is another blog perhaps. One of the things I notice is the signs in the stores asking people to behave. Cell phones seems to be a big issue. For example:

  • Please no eating, drinking or talking on your cell phone
  • There are places where it is not polite to talk on your cell phone – this is one of them

Interesting to lump cell phone usage to eating or drinking in a store. And the second one is clearly a plea for civility and courtesy.

An other sign I found interesting said “Sadly, this shop is under video surveillance” Clearly the proprietor is disappointed that someone would actually steal from them and that they have had to resort to such measures.

The most fun sign I have seen, and I have seen it other places as well, read “Unattended children will be given a cup of espresso and a free puppy.” Now there is a threat parents can relate to. Seems a bit harsh though.

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  1. It’s hard on the puppy too.

  2. Mom says:

    Did your dad live in E. Hampton during the Bouvier/Beale residency? I recently watched the Grey Garden documentary & the HBO remake and I found the story heartbreaking but fascinating. Do you have any inside scoop?

  3. Mr T says:

    Yes we did live in E. Hampton during the Bouvier/Beale residency. My Dad was in the house once because of a fire. He was a volunteer fireman in those days. Said it was quite a mess inside with lots of signs of all the cats who lived there.
    Of course now it is all cleaned and restored and looks wonderful from the outside. I’ve never been inside myself.

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