More Things I Just Don’t Get

Dreadlocks – Just plain ugly. Yes I know these people wash their hair and just don’t  brush it. Still it looks really gross to me.

Tattoos – I keep hearing that some of them are beautiful but those much all be hidden from me. I guess it is the permanence of it all that bothers me. There is no room to change your mind.

Men in shorts – To me shorts have always been something men wear to participate in sports. Basketball, swimming, tennis, etc. Once you are done you should put on some pants. If it is too hot to go outside without shorts than stay inside. But seriously it is never ever too hot to go out in long pants. Period.

Acquired Taste – I hear this about several things. A related term is “You have to develop a taste for it.” Why should I bother? Is it wonderfully good for me? Will it make me live forever? If not there are plenty of things I like the first time I taste them. If there is nothing else available maybe I will, of necessity, develop a taste for some of these things. Until them I will avoid them. I’m more concerned about what negative effects most of these things have and how developing a taste for these things will mess with my enjoyment of things I currently like.

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