Cruise Ships

I am currently on my third cruise. But I’m not on vacation – I’m attending a conference -  the Fourth Annual Foundations of Digital Games conference. Cruises are interesting places in general but conferences on them add an extra element of different things. But I’m just going to talk about the shipboard aspect of things.

First of there is the food. The big thing of the food is that it is pretty much available all the time. Since it is all paid for you very quickly start to thing nothing of eating just because it is available. Want some ice cream? Serve yourself. Want some pizza? Just tell the guy how many pieces and what kind. The same with a lot of other things. And that is just the snacking.

Meals? Can’t decide between two entrees or deserts or appetizers? Just order both! Needless to say I am over eating. I’m trying to offset it by avoiding the elevators. Walking up and down 5 to 7 floors is undoubtedly helpful but probably not enough.

Rooms are the next thing. Rooms on board ship are a lot like hotel rooms but smaller. Most people don’t spend much time in them. The beds are comfortable. There are desks and a refrigerator. There are showers and bathrooms. Now of this is very big. This year for the first time I have a room with a balcony. Very cool but again I haven’t spent much time on it. I might if I was looking for alone time but I don’t think many people come on a cruise for alone time. Still it is cool to tell people you have a balcony.

There is a lot of entertainment on board. There are live shows and movies, swimming pools, and special activities for kids. I’m on a Disney ship so there are all sorts of Disney movies available. I can understand watching a movie late at night on a huge outdoor screen. But watching a movie indoors, during the day when there are pools and other outdoor activities I’m not so sure I understand. And just how many people are watching all those movies on TV in their rooms? But I guess it doesn’t cost much to do it and if people are going to stay in their rooms there should be something on TV.

I’m not sure what regular people do on cruises when at sea though. I’m attending conference sessions, taking long lunches with interesting people from the conference and in my spare time I am reading books while eating too much food. This summer I am taking a vacation on a ship. I guess I’ll know more then.

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