Thinking In Blog Posts

Lately it seems like as soon as I close my eyes at night my mind starts working on blog posts. I start thinking about something and my mind organizes my thoughts in the way they would be organized for a blog. The problem is that I’m really trying to get to sleep so the posts never actually get written. In fact it seems like as soon as I open my eyes and get out of bed the mind shuts down and I lose the whole thought line. Sigh!

So the end result is that mentally I have written a lot of posts but the blogs themselves are not seeing any activity. I’m not sure what this all means.

Has my mind become hard-wired to thinking in 500-1000 word bites? Is this good or bad? I need to think about this.

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  1. Matt says:

    Isn’t it awful? I tend to do my best thinking when I’m trying to get to sleep. But if I lay down as if I were going to sleep, to try to clear my mind and think, it doens’t work. Darn you, Murphy!

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