When Software Just Works

For a number of reasons I have been upgrading the software on my laptops lately. The one I am working on was basically a wipe and reinstall. It was time. This meant I have been installing software. One of the tools I use a lot is Windows Live Writer. For a while I have been upgrading rather than doing a clean install. This is great because it means I don’t have to reset up all my blogs – I use WLW for four different blogs all on different blogging platforms.

But with a clean install to a wiped system I had to reset them all. Step one is to fire up the wizard and point to my blog – in this case https://blogs.n1zyy.com/mistert. Then it asks me for my username and password. Off it goes and it figured out everything else I needed automatically. This all worked just as easily for Live Spaces, Community Server and Blogger. Well I had to tell it that I was using blogger but that’s not much in the way of extra steps. Live Spaces I told it to use Live Spaces and gave it my Live Id and it was even faster. It was all so easy.

Why doesn’t every application around work that easily?

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