Prestigious NON-ACCREDITED Universities

Lately I have been getting an extra amount of spam offering to help me get a degree from “prestigious NON-ACCREDITED universities.” That’s the formatting they use. “NON-ACCREDITED” is shouted out in all caps. I have to wonder why?

Is it because they want to make sure you know that the “prestigious universities” they are working with do not have accreditation? Somehow I doubt it. After all “non-accredited” and “prestigious” are pretty much opposites when it comes to universities. The other option is that they are highlighting “non-accredited” to fool gullible uneducated people into thinking that “non-accredited” is a good thing. Surely, people must think, it is highlighted so that you notice how good it is?

And yet people fall for this sort of thing. For some reason they think, or fool themselves into thinking, that their real life experience is as good as a formal education. They think that all they need, like the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, is a diploma to prove how smart and knowledgeable they are.

Oh there is something to be said for real world on the job training. When I went back for my Masters there was an awful lot that I already knew. I could have passed tests in at least half of the classes without actually taking the classes. But these was this other half where I learned a lot of new things. And even in the classes I could have passed without attending classes I learn a lot of new things. I think this is true for most people.

Rare is the person who knows as much as a formally trained person does and generally those people are so obviously good that no one cares if they have a degree. Of course if you are an idiot no number of degrees is going to overcome that – earned degrees or otherwise.

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