The Joy of Milk

When I was growing up just about all I drank was milk. At least that was the only thing we ever seemed to have in the house to drink. That was far from a problem as I loved milk. As I got older and my allergies became more of a problem I stopped drinking milk because it made my nose more stuffy. And I missed it.

Since that time I have had years of allergy shots that reduced that problem. I have had nasal surgery (just recently actually) that has opened my nose up. And they have lactose-free milk which seem to help. So I have started drinking it again.

Oh is is good. I am drinking 2% to cut down a little on fat (1% or less does not taste like real milk) and I am not drinking as much as I might like. But I sure am enjoying it. Might be the best tasting beverage ever.

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  1. Matt says:

    I find that maybe 20% of the time, milk is amazing. If I’m eating a brownie, am really thirsty, and get a glass of milk, it’s amazingly awesome.

    But I increasingly find that milk isn’t quite right. It’s not spoiled milk, but it tastes a little off. Half the time it’s just me, since others drinking from the same bottle are happy.

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  3. Mr T says:

    Sometimes the flavor of milk is determined by what the cows have been eating. My mother who grew up on a farm could always tell what the cows had been eating by the taste of the milk. I talked to a cheese maker who makes cheese from his own dairy cows and he told me that he had to do things differently depending on the time of year and eating habits of his cows.
    Most of the store bought milk these days is a blend of milk from different farms so the test is more moderated but there are still variations in taste at times.

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