So the people who own “American Idol” (which is some TV show I have never watched) think that there are people who might reasonably think that a strip club’s “Stripper Idol” is sponsored by them. Say what! Well they use the word “Idol” and there is a logo that apparently uses a similar color and text style to the “American Idol” logo. But still – can you see people assuming that there is a connection? Perhaps an idiot might wonder for a minute or two. But would a reasonable person assume a connection? I doubt it. But there is a suit going on anyway.

Well maybe a lawyer would but if so I would drop them from my list of reasonable people. Of course the suit has brought a ton of attention to the strip club and their business is booming. So perhaps the “American Idol” people do have a piece of the action? Yeah right. Some things just make you wonder.

2 Responses to “Lawyers”

  1. Matt says:

    The thing is that companies have a _requirement_ to defend their trademark, or they lose the rights.

    It’s funny, because “Stripper Idol” does kind of sound like a knock-off of “American Idol,” if only because I can’t think of any other “* Idol” name. (Other than “false idols” in the bible?) But, as you say, no normal people is going to think, “Oh, Stripper Idol, they must be owned by American Idol!”

    Maybe their legal department just had too much spare time? Though didn’t they just have a contestant kill themselves because they mocked her too much? I’d think their legal team would be pretty busy.

  2. Mr. T says:

    Yes I know they have to defend their trademark. Not doing so is why asprin is a generic term in the US. It is not in Canada BTW. But really this one goes too far.

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