I’m not a big clothes sort of guy. I have one suit. One sport jacket. A hand full of pairs of pants that come in two types – jeans and khakis. I may have a nice pair of blue slacks as well. But shirts? Well shirts are a different story.

My closet was not empty but it was clear to me that I was getting to the dregs – the shirts I was least fond of. So I decided that it was time that I put away the dry cleaning. I’d dropped off and picked up several cycles of shirts but not put them away. So there they were in plastic and hard to look through. I unwrapped them, sorted them and put them away. Some 28 shirts in all. Now understand that this does not include polo shirts, long sleeve Ts and other pull overs or more then a couple of my short sleeved button downs. I’m sort of afraid to take a full count.

I guess I am just a sucker for a nice shirt. Oh well.

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