A Boy Named Linux

Read this story and try to tell me some people don’t take their feelings about software too far. Yes, some couple in Sweden named their baby Linux. The obvious question is indeed “Will Richard Stallman insist that the baby be called GNU/Linux?” I honestly hope no one names their kids “Windows Vista” though.

One Response to “A Boy Named Linux”

  1. Matt says:

    In naming their kids, a lot of parents seem to indicate that they’re not mature enough to be parents. I like Linux, but as a kid’s name? I mean, it’d be funny/cute to name your cat “Linux.” But a child? Do his parents not realize that he’s going to go to school, and then grow up as an adult, and in both cases, being named “Linux” is a bad idea?

    “Vista” (sans the “Windows”) would actually be a semi-decent name. It conjures a scenic vista, not an operating system. And it’s at least conceivably normal.

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