So I got on the scale the other day to see how much I weigh. And then for a lark I decided to get on it again a second later. Somehow I gained almost 3 pounds in that second. A second later I lost half of it. I wound up standing on the scale 6 times and getting six different weights. The closest two were about 2 tenths of a pound apart and the furthest apart was about 3 pounds from lightest to heaviest. What’s up with that?

And then today I looked at an electronic parts scale and watched it move up and down in weight displayed without anyone or anything being near enough to touch it.

I figure that some of this is related to changes in air pressure. But all of it? And three pounds worth? It’s all very frustrating especially for someone who is trying to lose weight. Did I lose a pound this week or gain a pound? Crazy.

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