Time To Get Serious About Energy

I don’t care if you are worried about global warming or not there is a serious problem with energy needs in the US. I see it as a national security problem and as an economic problem. We can’t depend on foreign oil and we can’t possibly drill enough of our own. It just doesn’t work that way. That is both a security problem and an economic problem.

But there is more to the economic problem. Sending all that money outside the country means less to invest locally. Plus even if and when we wake up to the need for more efficiency and better/more use of alternative sources of energy if we don’t get going soon we’ll be dependent on foreign inventions and products there. So still more money leaving the country. Where as if we invested in it now we could quickly become leaders (and hence exporters) of the technology and products.

Why is no one doing anything about this? Not even Obama is really getting in on this. McCain pays lip service but doesn’t seem very serious about anything but more drilling. I like the plans that T Boone Pickens is proposing. It just makes so much sense. And it makes sense in a capitalistic world! He’s spending a ton of his own money to promote his plan and he’s getting on TV and putting his own ads out there. But who is paying attention? Not enough people. Scary.

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  1. Matt says:

    I was somewhat impressed with Obama’s energy policy, though he could do more. I think the problem is that a lot of people see spending money investing in “clean energy” as a hippie cause that will just raise taxes further, so they oppose it.

    Looks like there’s a decent number of CNG stations in Massachusetts, all of them charging $2.86. That’s a lot less than we pay for gas.

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