51 Places You Can’t See On Google Earth

The list is here. I suspect that most of them are also not available on Live Earth – Microsoft’s really cool maps site. BTW while Google has those really cool logo images on their search site Live Search uses really cool images as screen backgrounds. I love the picture of observatories that is there today.

2 Responses to “51 Places You Can’t See On Google Earth”

  1. andrew says:

    This list now doubles as, “51 places I’d like to visit”. Starting with the anti-air defenses on the roof of the White House.

  2. Matt says:

    I thought exactly the same thing!

    This brings up something that I always thought was an important topic in security, but that seems to go unnoticed pretty often: when you only protect certain things, it’s like putting up a big sign on them saying, “These are the important things.” If I were a terrorist and saw that one building out of a chain of them was blurred, it’d be obvious which one I should target, even if I knew nothing about it. Things like the nuclear reactor at UMass Lowell in particular: I never knew it existed until a friend who went there laughingly sent me the link to Google Maps showing the building it’s in blurred out.

    I can see something like the White House: everyone knows where it is, and it’s probably no secret that it has aerial defense. (Okay, I knew nothing about it, and I’d actually have expected there to be missiles off-site or something.) But for things that might not be obvious targets? I’d give it some serious thought before trying to get it blurred.

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