New Meaning For Working Outside

So I have to finish writing up my business commitments for the new year. The first draft is due today. Yes I am taking a break. I’ve been working on it most of the day so far. After the last several very rainy days I felt like I needed some fresh air and some sun. So I moved out to my back yard. I am under a sort of awning I guess you could call it and sitting on a hammock. Occasionally I lay down but I’m pretty much working on the laptop except when I am going through printouts (I still need paper some times). It’s a relaxing environment.
There is a rill with babbling water running through it about 40 yards behind me. I hear birds singing and there is a squarel eating some food I left out for him about 30 yards away. He just chased a chipmonk away. Occasionally of course a car goes by and that is less calming but since the road is freshly paved it is not so jarring as it was.
Technology makes this possible of course. The wi-fi reaches hear easily. I have both my cell phone and a portable landline for my business number sitting on a chair beside me. I can easily send things to the printer inside as it is on the network. I have all the benefits of an office but a whole lot more. It would be very hard to have to work in a regular office on a regular basis again. I could do it if the job was right but honestly there would have to be more than just money involved.
Is this the way of the future? A year ago I would have said yes but the price of gas may change things. Oh sure one saves money going to work but if it become to expensive to live outside of cities because any other travel is too expensive people may not be in such a hurry to adopt the idea that they can live and work anywhere. City life causes its own troubles though. Without good mass transit travel in the city is no fun at all.
Well for the time being I can afford to live where I do. And I can work from anywhere. So life, for now, is good.

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  1. Matt says:

    Sounds like quite the workplace! 🙂

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