Travel Casual Goes Too Far

Once upon a time people dressed up to travel. This was actually true for years with air travel. I can remember getting all dressed up as if to some place special to get on an airplane. Today air travel is taken for granted. I think I’ve taken 5 trips this year for about 20,000 total miles. Ho hum. So the focus has moved to comfort in travel.

I don’t get dressed up. I frequently travel in jeans for example. But I do wear a nice shirt, usually a button down shirt and only occasionally a polo shirt. I don’t feel comfortable being in public looking too shabby. But apparently that is not a unanimous opinion. On this last trip a lot of people  were in shorts (ok fine but gym shorts?) sandals (ok easier to take on and off at security but why not socks?) and sleeveless t-shirts. I really draw the line at sleeveless T-shirts. Seriously those do not belong outside a sports activity or maybe the beach.

I really think that some people take travel casual too far. I know someone who wears sweat pants and a t-shirt when he flies. Ok they are neat and clean but call me an old foggy if you must but gym clothing belongs at the gym. It’s not just the airport where it bugs me of course. I am tired of seeing people in all sorts of public places in gym shorts, sweats and other recreational clothing. Stopping on ones way to or from an athletic event I can see it. But you’d better look like you were participating in sports.

Yeah this is a rant and probably (actually definitely) a lot of people disagree with me but I really needed to vent.

3 Responses to “Travel Casual Goes Too Far”

  1. Matt says:

    I’m often a fan of getting a bit dressed up; if I’m around the house all day I generally just have a shabby white T-shirt on, but even to go outside to the mailbox, I’ll throw a polo or something on over it.

    Sleeveless tops I agree with you on, too. But shorts and sandals are pretty normal in the summer, unless you’re at work.

  2. Mr. T says:

    I never wear shorts except for swimming or other sports. If it is too hot to go out without wearing shorts its just too hot to go out. And actually I have never experienced weather that was too hot for long pants. But then again 110-115 is about as hot as I have ever experienced.

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