SPAM by postal mail

So today I get this official looking mail in my mailbox. It looks like a bill though I do find a place where it says "THIS IS NOT A BILL" and then it goes on to say that it is a solicitation and that I have no obligation to pay it. No kidding! But you know I’ll bet a lot of people pay it anyway.

Well what is it for? Well they want to list my website with "25 MAJOR search engines" (CAPS theirs) four times a year with 8 different key words or phrases. All for only $75 dollars.

25 MAJOR search engines? Some people would say that there is only one major search engine and a bunch of small ones. Arguably there are three or four. Maybe five but that will get you close enough to 100% of searches that who cares about the rest.

Plus of course if you have good content and a few inward links the search engines all find you anyway. Just getting listed doesn’t get you to the front page either. This is an offering for suckers and people who have no clue how the Internet and search engines work.

Crazy world we live in. Besides my web sites show up in the top of the first page of every search engine I check for in just about all the search terms I test. I’m not sure how they could do better than that. 🙂

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  1. Matt says:

    I wonder what MAJOR search engines they’re thinking of. I could name 3 and consider myself quite savvy.

    I get frequent notices from some seedy organization reminding me that if I don’t renew my domain, it’ll expire, and include an envelope and a “not a bill” for a lot more than it cost me to register it the first time.

    It seems that there are some MAJOR (heh) seedy operations going on with domain registry stuff… Now I see why people use anonymous registration…

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