AP CS AB Exam going away

So did you hear the news that the College Board decided to drop the AB exam and just keep the A exam in computer science? BG teaches the AB exam for now. I assume they will teach the A exam the year after next but I am not sure what other changes that will cause. Opinions?

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  1. Matt says:

    From the e-mail quoted in the linked article: “Given the steady decline of student and teacher participation in the Computer Science AB program, it will be discontinued”

    What gives? Has interest in CS gone down, or are CS people just doing something other than taking the AP? I find the news surprising.

    And you’re right (from the linked article) — I never did like Java, either.

  2. Mr. T says:

    Fewer people are taking the AB exam. Neither exam has that many people taking it and the College Board is losing a lot of money on it.

  3. Bo says:

    I disagree with you. Indeed, I’m not giving a ringing disagreement, but just sayin’ what I think. I have my opinion, you have yours.

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