Ex-Apple Guy Interviews Steve Ballmer

I never thought I’d see Guy Kawasaki at a Microsoft event but it happened. Earlier this week Guy Kawasaki interviewed Steve Ballmer at the MIX08 event. It’s a very interesting interview and at times very funny. Usually events like this have someone tossing “softball” questions but Guy really doesn’t pull any punches.

I enjoyed the back and forth over the new light Apple laptop. I found it interesting that Guy uses the same cell phone (a Motorola Q) that I do because he depends on the connection with Exchange for email. Windows Mobile is pretty good really. Apparently Kawasaki does some work with Microsoft and he actually has nice things to say about the changes he has seen in the company.

I haven’t finished watching it yet but so far it is one of the most interesting interviews with Ballmer that I have seen.

2 Responses to “Ex-Apple Guy Interviews Steve Ballmer”

  1. Matt says:

    Guy’s a pretty popular business columnist. So I’m not too surprised that he’d connect to an Exchange server. (Although now the iPhone works with Exchange.

    Of course this all reminds me of the insanely high cost of Exchange. $6,500 for 25 users is $260 per user. I’m still not sure why no real competitors have popped up?

  2. Mr. T says:

    Features are the reason it does so well. Some things are worth paying for.

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