Deals That Don’t Add Value

I have been looking at this card shuffler online. It’s a little pricey at around $500 but compared to the casino grade ones which go for around $17,000 it looks like a good deal. Yes, you can get cheap card shufflers for around $10-15 but they’re really not worth it. Trust me is is pretty much easier to shuffle by hand than use one of them. I’ve got one of those an it’s too much trouble to use.

So anyway, the $500 shuffler comes with added value! That’s right! You guessed it – it comes with two decks of cards. Now who in their right mind would spend $500 for a card shuffler and not already have a good collection of playing cards? I guess there is an off chance that someone might get one of these and not have a deck of cards to try it with but really that is a stretch.

I’ve gotten things (a carrying case with chips in it for example) that came with *bonus* two decks of playing cards before and those cards get put right to the side. Bah, big bonus.

I think it is about the appearance of giving something extra combined with perhaps some advertising for the company that makes the cards. Anyone have any other examples?

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  1. Matt says:

    Your post is spewing JavaScript on the page. It looks like some sort of tracking code?

    A mediocre example is digital cameras that come with 8MB and 16MB cards. They’ve since discontinued it, but back in the day, Canon was selling $3,000 digital SLRs with 16MB CF cards, which would store maybe 5 pictures.

  2. Mr. T says:

    Yeah tracking code. It was supposed to work with WordPress but rather than leave a mess I pulled it out. Bah! It should all be easier than this.

  3. Matt says:

    Kyle’s been pestering (*g*) me to get some actual statistics up, too. I’ve got a big Things-to-Do List, and it’s nowhere near the top, but it’s definitely something I’m working towards… Something integrated into the blogs themselves should make things much easier… Once it’s set up!

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