As Seen on TV

Mrs T picked up some little lights that stick up anywhere and run on batteries. I noticed that the packaging said "As Seen On TV." Wow now there is a reason to buy something.

OK I know perhaps someone is shopping for the same item they have seen on TV and this will tell them these are the same items. But if they meet the need do you really care that they are the same ones as on TV? Not unless you believe that somehow being advertised on TV makes them better. Generally it just makes things more expensive.

Or perhaps you are not deliberately shopping for this item but see them and the notation on the box reminds you that you thought they looked cool when you saw them. Here now a chance to buy them without making a telephone call and paying for shipping and handling. Such a deal! How can you ever pass this up?

I’ve seen other things advertised in magazines with the comment "as advertised on" followed by a list of impressive shows or networks. As if somehow the fact that the company has paid a lot of money for ad time on those shows that somehow the product gains some sort of imprimatur or extra credibility from the experience. Do people fall for that? I assume that some must or the companies would not do it.

What kind of people come up with these marketing ideas? How does their brain work? And how can I avoid it happening to me?

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  1. Matt says:

    I wouldn’t blame the marketing people… If they’re doing it, it’s probably working.

    What you have to blame is the people who actually get excited. They can buy something that was seen on TV! Wow-a-wee-wow!

    The markings all look the same, actually… I’ve wondered in the past if it was some sort of brand or chain or something.

  2. Matt says:

    I think I was right!

    Good luck finding out about them, though. Looks like they’re trying to include a non-existent file.

    Frankly, I think there’s a mental association between “As Seen on TV” and “crap” in my mind.

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