Don’t drink the water

So the family went to Vermont for Thanksgiving. Mostly it went ok but there were a couple of issues with the hotel. On the counter was a sign saying the hotel was under boil water order. In short the water was ok for washing but not for drinking. Not a happy thought. They did supply bottled water for drinking and brushing of teeth.

Also the restaurant was only open for breakfast most days. It was open for Thanksgiving dinner and it was good but we had planned on eating at the hotel more than that. And did I mention that there hotel is being renovated? People moving heavy equipment and pounding on the roof (it is being re-roofed)  in the early hours of the day. Not fun when you are planning on sleeping in late.

On the plus side wi-fi was free and strong. And it was close to Killington – we made it out to snowboard two days.

Well Mrs. T was a little displeased with the hotel. The staff was nice and we’d probably stay there again once the renovation is done and the water is cleaned up. but still. So as soon as we got home she called Expedia and complained. The first person she talked to was less than helpful and then she was disconnected while waiting for a supervisor – amazing how often that happens. Not one to give up she called again and this time got someone who really wanted us to be happy customers. They were able to get us 25% off what we paid and a credit for future use of Expedia.

Frankly that was good customer service and because of that we are likely to use Expedia again. I wish more companies were that willing to make things right.

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  1. John says:

    Lucky you. You are on in a million probably.
    They tried to scam me once (click on my name to read about my case)


  2. Matt says:

    I had bad luck with Travelocity…. We tried to book two rooms for eight people, got a price, and went to book it, only to notice the fine print that the rate was based on two to a room. We ended up not using Travelocity since we almost got “scammed.”

    The water thing creeps me out. It’s one thing when you’re traveling to rural Africa, but Vermont? I think I’d be creeped out much more than is rational. It’d just take some filters to fix?

  3. Mr. T says:

    Had we known in advance about the boil water order we would have probably stayed somewhere else.

  4. @ says:

    The water district in Vegas prides itself on the quality of the water. Ironically, they also warn pregnant women to avoid drinking it.

  5. Mr. T says:

    I remember the water in Vegas being pretty good. Of course I don’t drik much water as a general rule. There is always Coca-cola. 🙂

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