Indoor Skiing

So I have long been facinated with Ski Dubai which is an indoor ski/snowboarding hill in the middle east. I actually wonder why we don’t have places like that in the US. Of course in some parts of the country we have actual outdoor skiing and that would seem to be less expensive. But I checked the prices and a full day pass at Ski Dubai is less than $75 and incudes skiis/boards, boots, jacket, snow pants, hat and even socks. That’s more then you would get for the same money in the US.

Now granted the ride is likely to be better on a real hill and perhaps their power costs are less in Dubai. But still you think it would be an affordable novelty in places like the deep south and the deserts in the west. And there is always the off season. What do you think Matt? Can you make it work?

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  1. n1zyy says:

    Dubai is INSANELY wealthy right now. We had a guy who runs his own financial consulting company come in and talk to us a bit about them. Most of his money is in Dubai right now. He showed us some photos. It’s a building with magnificent skyscraper after magnificent skyscraper. All of them being built.

    Dubai is not only swimming in cash, but everything is a lot cheaper. Doing it here would require a TON of money, and represent quite a risk. But then again, look at casinos or Disney World. Maybe one of them would go for it.

    Overall, thought, Dubai is on my list of places I really want to see.

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