Mice Are Stupid

This is not a computer related post. The mice I am talking about are little furry animals. It’s fall and a lot of them are looking for warm dry places to spend the winter. It appears that a lot of them have decided that the walls and attic of my house is a good place. They are noisy and dirty and I really don’t want them around. Mrs. T is even less found of them than I am. At the same time she objects to my killing them.

So what I have done is to buy “humane” catch and release traps for mice. I’ve relocated over 20 mice into the woods. I have no way knowing what the recidivism rate is though. If they are not returning there are/were a whole lot of mice in the house. Still I hope I am catching up with them. I don’t want to keep doing this all the time.

But coming back to the stupid part. The traps are very simple. They consist of a semi-opaque plastic box with a sort of one way door in the opening. The mice easily push the door open and crawl under it to get in. Once in the door falls and they seem not to be able to figure out how to get it open. Now if they were smart they would roll the box over first before getting in. Then no problem. Or working in teams one of them would hold the door open. but no. But it gets better. You would think that one mouse seeing another trapped would stay away. But you’d be wrong. I have had as many as three mice trapped in the same trap at the same time. This is amazing stupidity. My only hope is that they get lost when I let them go outside.

I supose that having so many baby mice is how they survive. It sure isn’t on brains.

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