LED Coffee Table

I think this is cool. The youTube post of the video has a lot of mean and nasty comments so I decided I would rather link to the home of the device. At the opening of the video the writing on the board says “Because we can” and isn’t that enough of a reason? If people can climb mountains “because it is there” then geeks can build stuff like this “because we can.”

3 Responses to “LED Coffee Table”

  1. n1zyy says:

    I don’t know why, but comments on Youtube are truly the worst of any website I’ve ever seen. Even the ones that aren’t mean / inappropriate are just downright stupid. They make MySpace accounts look professional.

    (I’ve got a Greasemonkey script that “fixes” Youtube by making the video fill most of the screen, a la Google Video, and just not even showing any of the comments.)

    And I’m with you — this thing is awesome. Necessary? Not at all. Useful? Probably not. But really, really cool? Definitely. My one criticism is that I think it’d look better with a frosted glass top.

  2. Mr. T says:

    Oh yeah a frosted top would be cool. I think they did it with a clear top so that the circuit board would show but I think that a frosted top would be better.

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