The Benefit of Being Messy

I belive it was A A Milne (of Winnie the Pooh fame) who said that “the benefit of being messy is that one is always making interesting discoveries.” Well I can get pretty messy. This is especially true when it comes to my desk and office. In fact my office got to be such a mess that I abandoned it and set up my laptops in other rooms in the house. Well that can only go on so long and today I started day tow of the great office clean up.

It’s not done yet. I’ll need at least another day but I am at least working in the office now. I made a few discoveries along the way. I found a couple of bills that needed to be paid – last month. Oops. I found a telephone credit card that had gone missing so long ago that I had actually gotten a replacement card. And it was somewhere I was sure I had looked before. I guess I didn’t look that well. I also found a $40 gift card to Best Buy. I got it last December while Christmas shopping and misplaced it.

I shred documents with identifing information on them these days so somethings I would have thrown away un opened I now open to see if they should go in the shredder. Opening one such piece of mail I found a refund check for $180 that I didn’t even know was coming. It came a couple of months ago but it is still good. Thank goodness I found it now.

I’ve thrown out a lot of papers and stuff that was just plain old. So much has gone into the shredder that I had to empty it twice. I still have to clean off the desk, a cabanet that I want to replace and there is this stack of things beside the bookcase still to go. But I can vacuum the rug at least and I can walk everywhere I want again. The foton is clear enough not only to sit on but to lay down on. Who knows I may even hook up the TV.

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