In July my cousin and I took a trip to Norway. On the way we stopped in Iceland for a couple of days. We took a lot of pictures and I thought I’d share some of them with you. Hopefully it will not be too painful. The first two pictures are typical landscapes in Iceland. basically what you are looking at is hardened lava flow. The whole country is output from volcanos.

Iceland land (laval) scape

Iceland Landscape

This next shot is a statue on the harbor in Reykjavik – the capital of Iceland.

Iceland Harbor

As you may know the tectonic plate that Europe sits on and the plate that North America sits on meet at Iceland. The two are pulling apart and that is why there is so much activity (volcanos, earthquakes, etc) there. In the picture below I am standing on a cliff at the end of North America. below is a plane where the Icelandic legislature used to meet. On the far side is Europe. So not only can you see Europe from North America you can drive between the two. I found this to be pretty cool.

Valley between North America and Europe

Speaking of volcanos – this one hasn’t gone off for a while. There is quite some pool of water in the bowl though.


Oh yes and there are water falls there. This one (next two pictures) is called Gullfoss or Golden Falls.



The term geyser was invented in Iceland. The pool in the back of this picture is called Geysir and is the one all the rest have been named after.


One last picture – The steam you see in the distance is all natural.

Steam vents

These steam vents are used to heat the whole city of Reykjavik. Geothermal power is pretty much the whole source of power for the country. Such a deal.

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  1. Matt says:

    Wow! I never would have thought Iceland was so scenic. The waterfalls in particular are awesome.

  2. olive says:

    How manny people are affected with this, is the united states
    going there to provide medical help, what will this do to our
    earth for quality of air, and how will the landscape change , will
    there be more earthquakes to be expected , and where? Iam
    sure there are sciencest which are working on this problem as
    we speak, Our world is in trouble, maybe we should be making
    plans for more catrasphyes ,

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