Fake Steve Jobs on Windows Vs. Linux

Do any of you read the Fake Steve Jobs blog? Today he had me rolling with this post. Most of the time he blasts Microsoft. But I do love it when he goes off on Linux people. Highly amusing.

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  1. n1zyy says:

    I don’t know… I like the concept, but something about the writing style / tone irks me. It’s like he’s ready to pop a cork. I hate having to deal with people like that.

    I’ve never really gotten the obsession with Linux. I run it. It works great. I like it. But if people in China use Windows, it doesn’t impact me in any way at all?

    The one bit I have to disagree with…

    Desktop Linux, however, is a different story, and in your heart of hes (such as mine) you have to go and muck with some config files to getarts you know this. It’s a bad imitation of Windows and can’t even come close to OS X.

    Two years ago, maybe even one, I’d have agreed. But Linux is very quickly closing the gap. I’m incredibly impressed with Linux on my laptop: it looks and works way, way better than Windows, and gives OS X a run for its money. Dell ships machines with Ubuntu (what I’m running) pre-installed, and rumor has it that Acer is joining the crowd. (Of course, there’s one thing holding me back from going 100% Linux: I still rely on some Windows apps that don’t have good Linux versions. Many of them don’t run too well under WINE, either.)

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