Prius Does 100 MPH

Who knew a Prius could go as fast as 100 MPH. I thought of them in terms of MPG not MPH. It turns out that tree hugging, energy saving Al Gore has a son who was caught going 100 MPH in a Prius. Oh and yeah he had cocaine in the car as well.

I feel bad for the kid’s parents. I feel bad for the kid as well. (BTW he’s 24 which isn’t that much of a kid. I was a married father by that age. But it sounds like he has some growing up to do.)

It is not easy being the child of famous people. Everyone watching you all the time. People always talking about how great they are, their parents are, and all sorts of stuff like that. It’s a lot of pressure. I’ve seen more than a few kids crack under the pressure. Some decide to embrace the image and live up to it. Some find it too hard and rebel against it. It sounds like All Gore III might be in that later group. His father the once upon a time next President was the type to embrace it.

Well young Al Gore III is going to rehab maybe he’ll smarten up and fly right. I sure hope so.

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