Next July Is Getting Booked Fast

I just made an appointment for a one year follow up with a doctor. So now I have one firm appointment for next July. There is also a conference that starts the end of June and runs into the first week in July that I will probably go to as well. I can think of at least two other events that generally happen in July that I will likely attend. And let’s not talk about the family vacation that pretty much always takes place in one of the latter weeks of July or the first week in August! (First week in August this year BTW IT was booked last November.)

In general I hate planning things too far in advance. One never knows what might come up that would be more fun/interesting/profitable or whatever. But life isn’t like that. Some things have to be planned far in advance. I just wish there were not so many of them.

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  1. n1zyy says:

    My doctor’s office now has you call and book an appointment the day you want to visit. I kind of like the idea, even though I’m never awake in time to call…

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