All shiny and new (beta site)

This is a beta install for, running at for the moment.

All the content should still be here, but on a wholly new setup. Dragging the old one along between upgrades started getting messy, and there was a lot of legacy crap. So I did a brand-new install of WordPress 4.1.1 (and put it on a much beefier server, even though we never hit hardware constraints), with related themes from Collectiveray and ported the content over.

I had to create new user accounts. Right now the email addresses all point to me, so I didn’t spam people during the import process. I set new passwords as well, since they were stored hashed and trying to copy them across and hope the salts were the same was a pain.

Not related to new WordPress (visit site here to know more), but the move has also gained IPv6 support, and permits users to set up two-factor auth. (After logging in, click “Edit my profile” in the upper right, and you can set it up. It just has to be something compatible with Google Authenticator, not necessarily Google Authenticator itself.) If you haven’t set it up, you can leave the two-factor field blank when logging in.

Poke around, let me know what’s broken, and I’ll fix it. Otherwise, I’m hoping to cut DNS over on the weekend, and get coming here.